We Love Alaska

13 12 2009


Here at xpressionistic we try to appreciate all 50 States. We don’t like to say that the 50 pack has black sheep (Illinois, Utah) we do like to award states that give us such marvels as politicians and G. Dubs Bush.

To day is no exception. We honor the great state of Alaska. Alaska is home to 14 rational Americans who go up there to run cruise lines and study things. (There are other people up there but I just like to mention the 14) According to your Mercator Projection map it is roughly the size of Australia making it the largest state in the world. It is also home to Sarah Palin who owns a town called Wasilla.

This town, according the reliable sources at the RNC has about 30 million people who all oppose health care reform. We should also at that these 30 million people receive no compensation for populated in the massive state- they live there our of pride.

What do people do while in Wasilla? Well besides seeing your pee will freeze before it hits the ground, they have several cultural traditions such as: the feast of the Wal-Mart visit, Bible Day, Exploring the Pacific Northwest with a Bible Day, Understanding Words in Books Eve, and Burning Books that we Tried to Understand Day.

I hope you enjoyed our brief description of Alaska- it is a national treasure and Sarah Palin Followers Mecca.


8 12 2009

who likes cock rings?

Wolverinish cocks

8 12 2009

Does this look like a cock to you?

or how about this?

OR maybe this!

Cock fighting

2 12 2009

Actually its pretty messed up isn’t it? Did you know people attach steel claws to their cocks? I think the idea is that in a cock fight, a steel claw does more damage to the enemy cock…

Horrible… just horrible…

Andy: Does that mean the Cocks are now Wolverine-ish?  Would you want to be the other cock in the wolverine-ish cock fight? Sounds like you get tare’d up pretty good.

Welcome to TheHarvard Post

2 12 2009


This blog is intended to be a publicly viewed conversation amongst friends. These aren’t any kind. World wide, tortoises agree: these are life long friend who wont make it 150 years old.

I hope to have regular bickering. Crude humor. Angry posts. Complaints. Strange picture posts. Stranger language.

Put the encyclopedias away because those wont explain it. Hang up the phone with you college professor because he can’t explain it. Leave the confessionals because the priests wont forgive it.

This is TheHarvard Post.

Ready. Savage. Go.

Cock Fighters

2 12 2009

Dave and Brent are cock fights…

Its not a gay thing… its and anti-peta thing.